installing texstudio

Installing TeXstudio

Short Answer

1.- Go to the TeXstudio portal

2.- Download the installation files

3.- Install

4.- Configure (see below


More Details

The choice of a LaTeX editor can be more difficult and subjective than the choice of a LaTeX/TeX distribution. To start, there are a lot more options for LaTeX editors than for LaTeX/TeX distributions. To have an idea of how many, check this Wikipedia article. The basic features I look for in a LaTeX editor are command autocompletion, spell checking, free to use and easy configuration of the compilation process. In principle, you should get the same final document independently of the LaTeX editor that you use. This is because TeX, not the LaTeX editor that you use, is the program that actually typeset the final document and TeX is the same everywhere. If you have read the document that we will be creating in this tutorial then you should already be aware of this. The bottom line is that you can choose any LaTeX editor but there are some that will make your life easier.


Currently, TeXstudio is my first choice for a LaTeX editor. It has all the features mentioned before and I like the clean interface. In addition, I found really helpful the image thumbnails shown when placing the mouse over an image entry in the tex document. 

Before installing Texstudio, check if your LaTeX/TeX distribution already installed it on your computer. If this is not the case, just follow these steps:

1.- Go to the TeXstudio portal and download the installation files

The web page will autodetect your operating system and will show you a direct download link for the installer. If this is not the case, just go to the download section and select the installer suited for you.

2.- Install

I always leave all the default settings when installing TeXstudio. But just in case, read the on-screen messages to make sure that everything makes sense and just press next, next, install, finish.

3.- Configuring TeXstudio

The final step is to configure the custom compilation process of the tex documents.

To do this, open the Preferences menu of TeXstudio. Then, select Build in the list to the right on the newly created window. The command you want to modify is Build & View, the first one in the Meta Commands list in the center of the Configure TeXstudio window. You can modify the command if you click on the wrench to the right of the command. In the Quick Build Command window just opened, delete everything in the list to the right by selecting the items and them using the Delete button below the list. Then, from the list to the left select and Add to the list on the right the following commands, in this same order: PdfLaTeX, BibTeX, PdfLaTeX, PdfLaTeX and PS Viewer. The order of the commands is important.

It is recommended to leave the Default Bibliography Tool as BibTeX.

Just in case, find an image below of how the Configure TeXstudio and Quick Build Command windows should look like after all the options have been set.

Configuring TeXstudio    


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