installing mendeley

Installing Mendeley

Short Answer

1.- Go to the Mendeley portal and create a free account

2.- Download the installation files

3.- Install

4.- Configure (see below) 


More Details

Manually handling the citations in a document is one of those things that we no longer have to do. There are several programs that can handle this task saving us a lot of time and allowing us to focus more on the content of the document. Of course, LaTeX/TeX can handle references in a very efficient way. The only requirement is to create a document containing the data for the references. Here is when Mendeley comes into play since Mendeley can create this file for LaTeX/TeX. Therefore, we can build our reference database in the comfortable visual environment of Mendeley and let Mendeley automatically create the files for LaTeX/TeX.

Installing Mendeley is very easy, but you must be aware that you need to create a free account to use the program. Just follow the following steps:

1.- Go to the Mendeley portal and create your free account

Just follow the on-screen instruction, fill out the form and activate your account. Just, the usual online registration procedure.

2.- Download the installation files

The web page will autodetect your operating system and will show you a direct download link for the installer. If this is not the case, just select the installer suited for you from the other options.

3.- Install

I always leave all the default settings when installing Mendeley. But just in case, read the on-screen messages to make sure that everything makes sense and just press next, next, install, finish.

4.- Configuring Mendeley

The last step is to configure Mendeley. Open the preferences menu and go to the BibTeX tab. You want to check the Escape LaTeX special character option and the Enable BibTeX syncing. In my experience is better to use Create one BibTeX file per group option. This means that Mendeley will create a bibtex file for each folder that you create in your reference database. The last thing to do is to define the location of the bibtex files. This can be easily done with the Browse button. Hit Ok and you are all set.

Just in case, find an image below of how the BibTex tab should look after all the options have been set.

configuring mendeley for Latex


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