About BravoTutorials

BravoTutorials is a site dedicated to hosting online tutorials for Programming languages and Science tools. In the future, we will expand the site to include other topics.

Who are we?

Currently, we is only one person, Kenny B. R., but I really hope this will change in the future as the site growths. I studied Theoretical Chemistry. My everyday work used to be somehow related to proteins. In particular, I studied how small molecules may alter protein structure and function and how proteins interact with each other. Now, I mainly do bioinformatics. In particular, data processing tools developing.

Our goals

The aim of BravoTutorials is to create and share detailed tutorials. The tutorials here will guide you through the learning process required to use the selected tool, in an independent way. For an example, take a look here. I want to teach you not only how to use the software or programming language but also how to use the help pages and manuals. Most probably, you know the feeling of reading a manual and think that is written in an ancient language, especially when you are at the beginning of the learning process.  

Another distinctive aspect of our tutorials will be the fact that, in every tutorial, you will learn while building from scratch a real-life program, image or document. I think this is the best way to teach you, not only the basics of the subject under study but also how to apply the just acquired knowledge.


Everything started when I was writing a program to analyze the results obtained in my previous workplace. The trouble I went through, trying to learn everything I needed to build the program, made me realize that:

  • Help pages and manuals are not written for beginners
  • Although there is a lot of information on the Internet, much of it is scattered and you spend a lot of time just searching around

Therefore, I decided to build BravoTutorials and share tutorials that really teach and not only generate clicks.